Spruce for Kids

My name is Garima Gupta .I have recently launched a small business project called
“Sprucedupforkids” with another parent (Prerana Deshmukh to encourage the reuse of toys and
books, therefore reducing waste in a meaningful way and taking a small step toward building a
sustainable future.
What’s the point?
As parents, we love to buy new toys and books for our children, which they quickly outgrow.
During a survey, it was discovered that the average youngster loses interest in a toy after 36
days, while 8% of the children lose interest in less than an hour.
When we consider the quantity of plastic used in these toys, we immediately understand the
significant carbon imprint we as parents are inadvertently leaving behind. When it comes to
buying toys, there are relatively few eco-friendly options.
As a result, one thing we can all do is commit to reusing and so reducing trash. A toy that one
youngster has outgrown may become the next new thing for another. This manner, we can
extend the life of the toys while also saving money by taking advantage of amazing offers on
these goods. The best aspect is that we can include our children in recycling, teaching them a
crucial lesson in creating an environmentally responsible future!
About Sprucedupforkids
Sprucedupforkids is a site that promotes the recycling and reusing of children’s goods. At
SprucedUp, we make every effort to restore your old treasures by painstakingly cleaning them,
lovingly packing them, and bringing them to your doorstep free of charge to ensure the safe and
organised adoption of used things.
We’ve been following your work for a while now and truly enjoy it. We’d appreciate it if you could
include our business project Sprucedupforkids on your site as we strive to raise awareness
about it.

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