Mall of the Emirates launches Ramadaniyat at Zeman Awwal

Embrace the old and new with a Ramadan market at the Emirates’ exclusive cultural hub, located at Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates has a new pop-up Market opened, Ramadaniyat, in its only Emirati cultural center, Zeman Awwal. The inspirational festival takes place throughout Ramadan and provides a physical platform to showcase the creations of Emirati and Arab designers and artists. Celebrate the rich heritage and fascinating traditions of Ramadan with jewelery, fashion, crafts and dining experiences.

Located near the mall’s valet entrance on the second floor, Ramadaniyat combines modern and traditional arts and daily entertainment with a compelling shopping experience, complemented by a variety of food and beverages available after Iftar. Families are encouraged to stroll and explore traditional and artisanal artworks and unique pieces made by artisans and craftspeople, while children’s films provide immersive experiences for all ages. Local brands as well as leading international artists and designers are on hand to inspire the next generation of creative minds and deliver a compelling cultural celebration this Ramadan.

visitors can immerse themselves in the latest addition to the nine unique cultural centers of Zeman Awwal. The 1,100 square meter Mall of the Emirates is also home to an Emirati souk, art gallery, Majlis cinema and costume exhibition in collaboration with The Zay Initiative

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