Life Philosophy: ‘Do things your future self will be proud of and never have any regrets!’

About Me & My journey:

My name’s Neha Silva, a proud mother, wife, career woman, social media content creator, and YouTuber.

From working part-time as a hostess to being a marketing specialist back in India, I was lucky and bold to decide to move to Dubai and start from scratch with the little money I had in 2013. I was worried and scared to take this big step, to start my life in a different country at such a young age, wondering how I will build my career and take care of my family back home. 

I found myself being very passionate about working in the events industry from the time I was a hostess and have been fortunate to build a career around this passion during the past 10 years, to now organizing multi-million dollar event portfolios globally and running my own social media business as a content creator and YouTuber.

Being a mother is not as easy as I thought it would be. Being pregnant was the best thing ever happened to me ofcourse. I enjoyed it throughout my journey. Had my baby in 2021 and yes like other mothers I was very new to stress, pressure postpartum phase and what not. I wasn’t made aware of such a phase and I would love to talk about my journey to as many new mothers as I can to educate them and share what I have learnt. We new mothers have no clue what’s out there for us, mainly mothers who are all alone, handling everything by themselves without any help after the baby arrives. I must say throughout my journey the one and only person who helped me come out of whatever I was going through was my husband. He supported me throughout this new phase of my life .. I am one happy and lucky wife I can say. The way he stands by me, encourages me for anything and everything I do, celebrates my happiness and takes care of the baby when I am exhausted .. I cannot thank God enough who has blessed me with my husband. Every mother should be able to have someone whom they can rely on. I’m a person who cannot choose to have a nanny and so I planned to take a break from my career. Between myself and my husband we plan and things around and thank God so far all good.

I am blessed to be able to take time away from my career for a few years to raise my baby boy. While being a full-time mom my husband encouraged me to participate in a pageant which was organized by Anul Mundra from the largest Indian expat community called India Dubai Queen. There were 19 contestants from which I won the title India Dubai Queen – 1st Runner up and Sub Title Ms. Enchanting. I am very thankful to the organizers for pushing me from my comfort zone and making me realize what I am worth and what I deserve.

Through this platform, many new doors opened up for me and I have now started getting approached by brands to promote them and also to be part of a lot of photo shoots. I am very happy that I am getting recognized.

I have also won an award for Best Event Organizer 2022 which is from the largest women expat recognized platform by Indian women in Dubai founded by Reema Mahajan.

I want to set an example for the women I know; my children and the younger generation who will and are looking up to me and my journey.

Growing up as a girl and later as a career woman, I always felt that as a woman I was never truly recognized or appreciated for the work I did. And it’s not only me, for all the other working moms, single career women, and studying girls – I feel there is much to be celebrated and recognized for all the sweat, blood, and tears we put into the work we do. Winning these awards and being part of the pageant is not only for me, but for all the women out there with a message to every woman that my struggle has not gone unseen or unappreciated, and neither will theirs. Never stop dreaming, only you can make your dreams come true.

 I hope to get back to being a career woman, fulfil my passion for being a model, rebuild from where I stopped, and bring my best and more to an industry I love.

 As a woman I believe, there is nothing we cannot do!

 A special thanks to Priya Fashions Boutique for the beautiful gown and my make-up artist Ayushi for dolling me up.

 Instagram – @nehasilva08


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