Your Home Abundance: Creating Harmonious Homes with Home Energy and Mindset Coach Grace

Your Home Abundance: Creating Harmonious Homes with Home Energy and Mindset Coach Grace

  1. Briefly tell us about you and what inspired you into becoming a mindset and home energy coach?

Two cluttered drawers changed my entire lifestyle…

Nearly one in five people show symptoms of anxiety or depression.While I was excelling in my corporate career, I experienced everything from burnout, depression, and imposter syndrome. I constantly felt like I was in survival mode.

I realized a year ago that I needed to stop the cycle of my toxic pattern of self-sabotaging, not feeling enough, and being a people-pleaser. It brought anxiety and I was always seeking validation. My perfectionism has frozen any moves I wanted to make. I worked twice as much as everyone else. Put my head down, and shrunk to make people comfortable. I kept all of those feelings swept under the rug.

Until I dared… Until I dared to open two cluttered drawers that represented my trauma. I didn’t want to confront them. As I did so, I unconsciously began to get prepared for the journey to a new beginning in my life.

This is the beginning of Your Home Abundance. Whether it’s Feng shui or decluttering my life- it has become a way of living. Therefore, I designed a service that will declutter lives and put people back in the lane of their authentic selves.

Authenticity is our currency and self-worth. This has brought me serenity, confidence, and tranquility in my home and mind.

My house turned out to be my best ally. I could tell when I was avoiding my duties by not organizing my administrative paperwork. My clutter always tells me when I’m out of alignment with myself. I then discovered that balancing my home alongside my mind has a profound and positive impact on my overall well-being. This opens up the possibilities of advancing in my personal, social, and professional life.

Whether it’s Feng shui or decluttering, my life has become a way of living. I hope this can help other people too.

2.What is the main concept and technique that goes into your venture of creating a harmonious home?

I am a Well-Being Artist. And I believe offices are more and more centred around the well-being design space. Now that we have switched to hybrid mode of work, and brought work at home, I design well-being homes.My method is in re-arranging lifestyles and spaces. I can arrange a style that fits in with the individual to calm, boost productivity and save client’s time through an organized and optimized house – a timeless gift that transforms and continues to grow within.

I apply the power of colors, aromatherapy, shapes, and imagery. All have significance and meaning to ourselves. Does it encourage, calm, excite or trigger you?

At home, I then

  • Prevent potential blockages in your homes such as clutter, lack of organization, and traffic path. It promotes clarity and focus, eliminates obstacles, enables positive energy
  • Activate and stimulate energy to break stagnant conditions, prompt change, or re-direct the flow of good vibes. I love utilizing moving objects; music and sounds or moving furniture or objects around your home have an activating effect.
  • Stabilize the energy that is too vibrant in your home. It can produce sudden changes, instability, and stress. Square shapes which are associated with stability, rocks, and large pieces of furniture are options to consider for this.
  • Tap into the energy to promote growth and expansion. Plants, wood, and even mirrors are some elements that can be used.

I ensure your home utilizes at least these 10 common solutions to re-energize and optimize your home: light, mirror, moving objects, heavy objects, sound, electrical devices, colors, scents, and images.

3. What are the different types of adjustments that you make in people’s homes to improve their lives and how?

I transform people’s homes and lives by re-arranging the living space for personal advancement. I have spent several years identifying how to improve mental health and well-being in the home. This is becoming a more common practice, especially now as individuals are taking up hybrid working careers.

To do this, it is a matter of being judicious on the layout of your house, arranging the habitat according to the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood), and adopting certain rules to respect the circulation of energy and the balance favorable to the activity of the rooms of the house. It is about adding and changing item placement and decluttering to ensure the flow of energy.

I also use fabrics, colors, and scents to positively improve the overall well-being of the occupants such as using specific colors to calm their racing minds after work or prepare your kids for a tranquil sleep. I also consider shapes to be used to boost their creativity for example; or invite natural elements to have a sense of being grounded.

The mixture of all the above elements has mental benefits which are not to neglect. Enhancing the mental and physical health of the household occupant is a great avenue to building a leadership household. Applying those in kids’ bedrooms or your office areas are key areas that most clients consider for themselves or children. It saves you time, energy, and effort during bedtime when the room does 70% of the work of bringing tranquility to your kid.

4.What are some of the signs that one’s home needs a change and home energy lift?

While you might enjoy the aesthetic of your place – you probably do not realize that the furniture placement does not work in your favor.

A lot of us can feel heavy energy at home or not feel comfortable in a room, as a result, we do not spend time there. Some people feel claustrophobic because of the clutter. When you have difficulties separating yourself from items is a sign you need a change.

The lack of natural elements in your space is another sign that you need a home lift. Children living in greener environments have been shown to have a greater capacity for paying attention. If you notice a sudden lack of motivation and desire to move forward, checking around your house could be an avenue to explore. Finally, houses filled with broken and unrepaired items need a lift.

The design of a home for functionality can reduce the everyday stress in our lives whilst also protecting our physical health and creating a positive energy flow.

5.What are the services you offer as a part of your mindset coaching sessions?

Our home is a reflection of who we are. My style and questioning techniques are inquisitively unique when assessing my clientele. It makes them have a realization on how they operate at home and in their life which can have a say in their current situation.

I help to access a life balance and well-being state necessary to reach intentions and desires with ease. For this, I apply the most well-known techniques by athletes, and successful entrepreneurs called the Neuro-Linguistic Program. With NLP, I apply the imaginary; mirroring, and incantation.

This is the gentlest way for advancement in personal and professional life, but efficient to enhance the emotional intelligence of the household habitants.

6.How do the interiors and furnishings of a workplace affect its vibes and work efficiency and what are the solutions that you offer to increase the energy and productivity of a workplace?

One of the most typical causes of stress in people is the pressure at work. 602,000 people report having experienced work-related stress, depression, or anxiety, according to national data from 2019.

Office interior design is becoming a statement based on the employees’ wellbeing and professional development. I extend my service to commercials and enterprises to promote mental health, social well-being, and physical health at the workplace.

When a workspace is designed with health and well-being in mind, it can boost productivity, lessen stress, and promote a happy work atmosphere.

Here are some amazing tips to consider:

  • Choose the office right colors
  • Think of the meaning of each item purchased and how it can positively impact your employee’s productivity
  • Bring the outdoor indoor for a sense of calm and relaxation
  • Use shapes as a way to boost efficiency or calm
  • Play around with scents
  • Lighting – using natural lighting is best
  • Respect the flow of the office layout and maximize on it.

7.What is your idea of a perfect harmonious home and how do you ensure to create it for your clients?

The careful and harmonious design of building form, orientation, shapes, materials, colors, and furniture placement are key:

  • The interior of homes should aim to provide good daylight first. On an emotional level, people enjoy and feel a sense of well-being in sunlight. Prolonged lack of daylight can have psychological effects.
  • Connection with nature can affect pulse rates, blood pressure, and the serotonin-melatonin balance which in turn can affect mood and energy levels.
  • Color is the most dominant and visible aspect of interior design. The impact of our childhood, culture, and environment, all inform our unique color relationship throughout our life.
  • I also consider a harmonious home when individuals embrace their authentic selves and live in the present. The perfect way to prepare for the future using practices in conscious development within the space lived in. This is becoming a more common practice, especially now as individuals are taking up hybrid working careers.

8.How to get in touch with you for decluttering and a home lift service and what are the services that you offer for the same?

My main service is Feng shui or declutter your lift. It includes decluttering, home lift, and mindset service. Another service goes for commercials and institutions.

I am currently offering a special deal to the first 10 people who sign up for Feng shui- your home program with a start date in early October.

You can contact me by email at [email protected] or via my website  I am also available on my social media Instagram (@Your.home.abundance) or my Linkedin (@Grace I. for ibot ibot).

In addition, you can find me leading a stress-reduction workshop “How to declutter your mind.” The event will take place at the DNA Health center on November 19 from 3-5 p.m.

I am attempting to expand awareness of UAE institutions including universities, schools, and government agencies that are prepared to provide individuals with mental health, and well-being.

9.Three quick tips from you to increase the positive energy at home.

By making a home brighter, cleaner, and more pleasant, inhabitants can bring positive energy into the home and contribute to its general health and well-being. In light of that, here are three simple methods to increase the positive energy in your home.

  • Lighting- electric lights function as artificial sunshine. By simply turning on a light, we “extend” daylight. It is usually used to stimulate and activate positive energy around the house
  • Inviting nature in – living in harmony with nature is tapping into natural energy sources
  • Decluttering for an easy traffic path with no blockages – Energy is invited to remain trapped by the clutter. The fewer hurdles and clutter you have, the more positive energy will flow.