Travelling with a toddler

Travelling with a toddler

If you are a parent of kids under the age of 5, travelling can be quite a hassle for you. Taking care of a child can be a somewhat strenuous and overwhelming job. Add traveling to a different place on top of that and everything seems to be a mess. This list has been curated for parents of toddlers who are planning to go on a vacation soon. 


If you are traveling via a train or a flight, make sure to stock up on your child’s favourite snacks and treats before departure. If your child is being fussy or moody, a small treat during the journey is bound to lighten up their mood. Additionally, a quick snack will be of your assistance if your child is hungry. 

Hygiene essentials

Before every journey you go on, ensure that you are well stocked with hygiene products. For example, a diaper bag that is sufficiently filled, wet wipes, napkins, plastic zip lock bags are some essential products that every parent traveling with a toddler might require. 

Quiet activities

It can be quite a tough job to keep your child entertained on a long flight. Depending on your child’s interests, arrange for some quiet activities that will allow your child to kill the time on a flight without hassle. For example, colouring books, art projects, play dough, adhesive cut-outs, magnetic toys are some items that can be used for your kid’s quiet entertainment.

Short naps

It is quite obvious that travelling will tire out both adults and toddlers. Although little kids can be very energetic, long journeys will eventually make them tired. Hence, depending on your travel schedule and your itinerary. For example, you can put your kids down to take a nap before going out for activities, in a long flight or a long car journey

Flexible schedule

Traveling with a toddler might lead to unexpected circumstances. In case of an emergency, if you cannot follow plan A, make sure you have a plan B as a backup. Also, plan your journey in such a way that there is high flexibility for urgencies. 

In order to make sure your long awaited vacation goes smoothly with your hyperactive toddler, make solid plans, be prepared for unexpected emergencies and pick a destination that you kid can enjoy. 

Car seat

If you are going for a short road trip, make sure that you have a secure car seat. It is mandatory to ensure the safety of your kid at all times. Even for short trips, you will need a car seat to ensure that your kid is safely buckled up in your car.