Tackling Toddler Trash: Tips and Tricks

Tackling Toddler Trash: Tips and Tricks

Toddlers are little bundles of joy, brimming with boundless energy, bright eyes, and that ever-innocent mischievousness. They bring so much happiness and life into a household, but let’s admit it – they can also bring a whirlwind of mess that lovingly gets dubbed as “toddler trash”. From crayons on walls, a hurricane of toys in every conceivable corner, to inexplicable spills on the carpet, it’s all part and parcel of the toddlerhood journey. But fret not, dear parents! Here’s a friendly guide on how to navigate and avoid the chaos of toddler trash. 

1. Dedicate a Play Area: 

Allocate a specific spot in the house as the designated ‘play zone’. Whether it’s a corner of the living room or a separate playroom, having a defined space helps contain the majority of the mess in one area. Plus, toddlers begin to understand boundaries, knowing where their toys should (ideally!) be.

2. Rotate Toys:

Too many toys can overwhelm little ones and create clutter. By rotating toys, you keep their environment fresh and exciting without overloading the space. Store the majority of the toys in a closet, and every week, swap them out. This not only reduces toddler trash but also reignites their interest in ‘old’ toys.

3. Use Kid-Friendly Storage:

Invest in storage solutions that are easily accessible for your little ones. Baskets, bins, and low shelves make it easier for them to put things away. And hey, make a game out of it! Challenge them to a ‘speedy clean-up race’ or sing a tidy-up song together. 

4. Make Art Mess-Free:

While we don’t want to curb their inner Picasso, there’s no harm in steering them towards mess-free art supplies. Water-doodle mats, reusable sticker books, or washable markers can be a lifesaver. Say goodbye to crayon masterpieces on your white walls!

5. Establish Routines:

Toddlers thrive on routines. By setting specific playtimes, snack times, and tidy-up times, you bring a structure that minimizes unexpected messes. An added bonus? These routines can set the stage for better habits as they grow.

6. Keep Essentials Out of Reach:

This might sound like a no-brainer, but sometimes we underestimate the climbing prowess of our toddlers. Keep things you don’t want in their hands on higher shelves or locked away. It’s amazing the kind of toddler trash that can be created with a roll of toilet paper or a box of cereal!

7. Involve Them:

Lastly, get them involved in the clean-up process. Even if it’s just putting one toy away or wiping a small spill, they learn responsibility and the value of cleanliness. Plus, it’s a fun bonding moment. 

So, fellow brave navigators of the toddlerhood seas, while we might not completely escape the occasional surprise of toddler trash (because let’s face it, unpredictability is their middle name!), with these tips, we can certainly reduce the tides.