Skin care essentials for your baby! Everything you need to know.

Skin care essentials for your baby! Everything you need to know.

Babies are born with delicate, smooth, soft and sensitive skin. It takes about 2 years for them to adapt and develop to the surroundings of the outside world. Everything that goes on your little one’s skin matters. It’s very important to filter out products so they can help in the development and hygiene of your cute little baby.

We have shortlisted the top essentials that your baby’s skin would need in the process.

Baby Soap

Most babies enjoy taking a bath as they find the experience similar to how they felt in their mother’s womb. On an average you can give your little one a bath once in 3 days. Slowly after the first 6-9 months you can give them a bath every alternate day. Choosing the right baby soap is very important as some soaps may instigate rashes allergies and irritation in the skin. Always go for the soap based on the baby’s skin type. Babies have the most delicate and smooth skin for a long time, so make sure their skin feels nourished and moisture remains intact while leaving a smooth lasting look.

Baby Shampoo

Nightmare to some, fun time for the rest! Bathing seems to be fun for the little one but not always when there is a hair wash involved. The water that flows over their head can make them a little anxious as it flows when they least expect it. Shampoo is a very essential part of a baby’s skincare routine as it cleanses the scalp and keeps the hair fresh. Choose a shampoo that promises no tears, you don’t want your little angles beautiful eyes burning or itching, do you? There are many products available in the market but it’s important to choose one that has the least chemicals or at least baby friendly chemicals.

Baby Shower Gel

If you thought shower gels are only for you, then you’re certainly mistaken. All products that you use in your routine have a baby version to it for your little ones too. A shower gel could be used for a fun bath time. You can pour on your palm or use a loofah to help in cleansing the dirt that sticks to the skin that comes from dust, pollution or the left-over food that your baby dropped and you forgot to clean. It gives a refreshing feel at the end of the day.

Baby Powder

If you have noticed, the consistency of baby powder is way smoother than the powder adults use. Excess moisture can cause the little one to have rashes and allergies that lead to irritation and can keep your baby crying all the time. Using a good quality baby powder helps in absorbing unnecessary moisture from the child’s body and keep the nourishment sealed within. Choose products that have the least chemicals and contribute to the baby’s smooth and sensitive skin.

Baby Hair Oil

Considering the fact that your baby is not going to have a bath every day or even alternately it is important to opt for a hair oil that is not greasy. Hair oil helps in keeping the strands smooth at all times and doesn’t make them rough when exposed to the sun and pollution outside. It keeps the head cool while protecting the texture of the hair. Do not use your products on the baby no matter what kind of an expensive brand they come from as it’s important to make sure you use chemical free products for your little one.

Baby Massage Oil

This is the mini spa time for your healthy toddler. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage? By massaging baby oil all over your child’s body will help in stimulating reflexes as a result of stretching the body muscles. It strengthens the bones and calms the baby down. It is recommended to use natural oils to ensure your baby gets the goodness of all the necessary ingredients.

Your baby needs so much more than just this. A skin care routine is an essential part of development; therefore, it should be followed to ensure the baby has a soft and delicate regimen and skin.