Ramadan Gift Guide

Ramadan Gift Guide

Gifts are the best way to spread happiness amongst friends and family. Though you can get a lot of gifts to present to your close ones it is a little difficult to decide what gifts would be perfect for a pious occasion like Ramadan.

Here below are some good gift ideas that can be presented to your loved ones to show your affection and love in this holy month:


When it comes to the easiest-to-get products for Ramadan gifts, this should be your number one choice. Speaking of the tradition of Ramadan gifts in Dubai, these bouquets top the list. Betel bouquets are beautiful metal boxes with dates of different kinds inside. These bouquets can also be customized to include different types of chocolate or nuts. The betels can be just the best Ramadan gifts for the neighbors as there is no risk of the interior elements deteriorating during the hotter weather too.


In some countries, there is a traditional scented candle that is lit in every home during the blessed nights of Ramadan. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also cheap to buy. You can send these personalized fragrance lamps and candles as gifts to your loved ones when you are running low on budget


With the arrival of this blessed month, all houses become cleaner than usual and perfumes are used to make the places fragrant. During this time there is nothing more beautiful than giving flowers to your loved ones. These look beautiful and are of special value to Muslims due to their fondness for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for them.


Most people avoid wearing perfumes during Ramadan as they contain alcohol. Ittars are the best substitute for perfumes as they contain no alcohol and also have a very relaxing smell. These can be presented to anyone, but especially men, to ensure that they can use them freely during this Holy Month.

The holy month of Ramadan is not only about just keeping your fasts without practicing the spirit of serving humanity. This month teaches us the essence of attending to the needs of fellow beings and making everyone around us happy.