Potty Training: This Worked For Me

Potty Training: This Worked For Me

Potty training is one of the biggest challenges in every mother’s life. Every new mom starts looking for ways to potty train her baby right after birth (every mom wants to get rid of the chore of changing diapers). Here I will list some points that mothers should consider.

First things first: There are no defined rules. Every boy is unique, so the way he learns can vary from child to child. You have to keep trying different ways. Patience is the key here. Few children can learn it in months and few can take more than a year. And it’s totally fine if your child learns it after another

child of the same age I started training my son when he was almost 20 months old, that’s fine. I started late because I was in the US for a year and we had carpets all over the house, I didn’t know how to start and then we decided to go back to India so I figured we’d start as soon as we are back in India. .

In the first few days I only kept him without diapers for about hours. As a working mother, my son used to be in daycare all day, so I only had a few hours at night. It used to remind him every 15 minutes if he wanted to pee. It was hard at first, every time I took him to the toilet seat he never peed and as soon as he came back he wet his pants. But gradually he began to urinate into the pot. I used to be a bit strict sometimes and wouldn’t let him get off the pot for 1015 minutes but that helped him understand why I let him sit on this just to pee in the pot The only thing was that we would make him every half hour remember and ask him if he wants to pee.

We were so happy that he finally learned it and we started changing his diaper only at night. After a few days I noticed that he does not urinate even in diapers at night, in the morning everything was dry. Gradually I started not to wear diapers at night either and to my surprise he never wet the bed once. It was a great achievement for us and we were very happy that the diapers were finally ours, but there was another challenge waiting for us. Although before his 2.5. Having learned to urinate by himself when he was a year old, he didn’t want to go to the toilet in the pot. Initially, he started asking for diapers every time he wanted to poop. We’re fine with you if you’re comfortable, but only for a few days. and little by little we can break this habit and start putting his diaper on him every time he wants to poop. In fact, I asked about it earlier. But once we started not giving him diapers and making him sit on the potty every time he wanted to poop, he used to control it and not poop in the potty.

We’ve tried everything like chocolates, gifts, whatever else she likes but nothing seems to work. He was almost 3 years old and still asking for a diaper. We were so tense that I had no idea what to do to get him to sit on the pot and relieve himself.

We try it for a week and then give it a few days because we think it’s not done yet. But still nothing worked. One fine day, it was vacation and we thought we’d try again. I told him you’re a big boy now and shouldn’t wear diapers. All the diapers are gone and now we don’t have them anymore. (It wasn’t the first time we’d told him that) and suddenly he wanted to sit down and go to the bathroom, and in fact he did. That was the day and he never asked for diapers again.

As I said before, no single rule will work for any parent. We have to try, it can work, and we have to keep trying until they learn. Don’t force him or expect him to learn in a day or a week. It takes time. As you begin, see your comfort level. If he’s not entirely cooperative, you may have to wait a little longer before you can get started. Before you start you can talk to him about it. You can show him how to use the bathroom. So that you are mentally prepared for it. . Start with just half an hour and then slowly increase the time.. Always appreciate your child, even if he didn’t pee in the pot but tried. That will motivate you to do it next time. Even after you’ve tried everything, it’s okay if you can’t learn it. Don’t scold him, just give him more time