Planning a Playdate during the Pandemic

Planning a Playdate during the Pandemic

As the Pandemic goes on, with no visible sign of when this situation will end we are constantly being forced to switch between a completely online and semi-offline state. It’s getting difficult to be apart from your family and friends. This situation is taking an even larger toll on our children. Although, many of us are taking a call to visit others when the situation is slightly permissible many are still quite unsure, especially parents with young children. Therefore, here are some ways in which you can plan a safe playdate for your child.

A Parent knows Best

Before making any plans, the one who knows their child’s needs the best is the parent. You know what kind of situation your family is in and what the condition of your surrounding environment is. Therefore, before even making the decision for a playdate, have a good understanding of these factors. If you feel that your child is more vulnerable to getting sick than others, you can take the appropriate call of deciding how to handle the playdate.

Location is Key

If you are planning a playdate during a pandemic, it’s best to avoid crowded places and contrary to what you might believe it’s safer outside where you can have ample space to physically distance the children to ensure minimal contact. Going for a bike ride or a hike in a less-crowded area is one of the ways to go. In case, the situation in your area is extremely severe then you can also opt for a virtual playdate.

Keep all parties involved, in the Loop

Firstly, you should plan the playdate only with close friends and family who you can trust are following safety precautions and will plan everything with you accordingly. Especially, in a time like this make sure your playdate plans are not spontaneous but rather well-thought out and planned at least a week before. In this way, you can ensure that everyone has been keeping healthy and avoiding unadvisable situations like going to crowded places and such. Lastly, try to keep the number of people to a minimum, one or two friends should be the safest numbers. In case of the unfortunate, this also reduces the number of people who would be affected.

Pack the Essentials

Whenever you go on such playdates always bring your own necessities. Pack the essentials like extra masks, sanitisers, disposable gloves, water bottles and such. Also remember to bring your child’s own toys to make sure there’s minimal contact. Bring your own snacks as well, which can be eaten at a safe distance from each other.

There’s more than one kind of Playdate

Sometimes it’s not necessary to meet each other to have a playdate. You and your child could simply bake some delicious goodies together or make a handmade care package to drop off at their friend’s house. If you have a child who just learned how to write and read, you can also let them write letters to their friends. In this manner, your child can have fun and interact with their friends while staying safe.  At the end of the day it’s important to remember that no matter what safety always comes first but if you think it’s better for your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing to have the occasional interaction with others, you can arrange for that provided you follow these precautions and plan accordingly.