Natural Remedies from Emirati Traditions

Natural Remedies from Emirati Traditions

The enchanting dunes of the UAE aren’t just about its skyscrapers and luxury shopping, but also a treasure trove of time-tested natural remedies! Drawing from Emirati traditions, these remedies have been passed down for generations, providing relief for common ailments that mothers and kiddos often face. Grab a cuppa and dive into these wonder cures from the heart of the Middle East!

1. Al Henna:

Known for its artistic adornments, henna isn’t just a beauty staple. Emirati mothers swear by it for its healing properties. Got a cut or scrape while playing in the garden? Henna acts as a natural antiseptic. So, next time your little explorer has a minor injury, try dabbing a bit of henna paste on it.

2. Chamomile Tea:

This isn’t just a British favorite for a relaxing evening; Emirati traditions hold chamomile in high regard too. If your munchkin is struggling with sleep or has an upset tummy, a gentle chamomile tea might be just the soothing touch they need.

3. Dates and Milk:

An absolute staple in an Emirati household! Dates are known for their energy-boosting properties. Paired with milk, it’s a powerhouse combo that provides calcium and essential nutrients. It’s an age-old remedy for fatigue and malaise. Next playdate, maybe serve this delightful duo as a natural energy boost?

4. Black Seed (Nigella Sativa):

Called ‘Habbat al Barakah’ (seed of blessing) in the region, black seeds are cherished for their myriad benefits. From boosting immunity to reducing inflammation, they’re the little soldiers of the Emirati pantry. Try adding some to your morning toast or cereal for a health kick!

5. Sea Salt Gargle:

Sore throat troubles? Sea salt from the region’s vast coastlines, when mixed with warm water, is a tried-and-true remedy for sore throats in Emirati traditions. It’s an easy fix that even kids won’t fuss about.

6. Saffron Milk:

If you thought saffron was just for paellas and biryanis, think again! A pinch of saffron in warm milk, a remedy cherished in Emirati traditions, can help with bloating and menstrual cramps. Mummas, this one’s a keeper for those tricky days.

Diving into these Emirati remedies feels like uncovering hidden gems from an ancient chest. Isn’t it amazing that the same lands that house futuristic cities also cradle centuries of wisdom in natural healing? While we totally advocate visiting a healthcare professional for major concerns, for those everyday hiccups, maybe give these remedies a whirl?