Moms Let Not Be Over Protective Of Our Grown-Up Sons

Moms Let Not Be Over Protective Of Our Grown-Up Sons

Mrs. Singh was leaving town for her niece’s wedding. She would be out for five days. “Will you stop pacing around frantically like this?” Mr. Singh growled. “You are driving me crazy. You are just leaving the house for five days. Your twenty-four-year-old son can take care of himself. Stop now, will you?” “How cruel are you? Are you a father or a monster?” Mrs. Singh sat on the couch with a half-filled plastic bag with homemade snacks. “I have never left my son alone before. I don’t know how he will eat, or sleep without my proper guidance.”

Mrs. Singh didn’t want to attend the wedding because she feared without her motherly care her son, Vineet would wither or fade away. Vineet was a grown-up person and completely capable of taking care of himself. Indian Mothers are a little hyper when it comes to expressing their love and emotions to their adult sons. It doesn’t matter if it is their love, anger, or care. They are too overprotective. A slight hint of anguish or worry on their sons’ faces makes Indian mothers’ world turn upside down. If the son holds his forehead for two seconds, the mother comes running with the thermometer and ice pack. If a wife is in the scene then things get completely out of control. The tug of war starts between both ladies instantly who love the grown-up guy more, the mother or the wife.

“Beta, time se khana Kha Lena,” Mrs. Sigh said buttoning up Vineet’s shirt button. “Aur Kuch snacks rakh diya hai, cupboard me. Jab bhee bukh lage to kha lena. Papa ke bharose mat rahana.” “Mummy, I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Vineet said consoling her sobbing mother.

Finally, Mrs. Singh sat on the auto and left, waving her hands to her son as if she won’t see him again. Not even one hour passed, and Vineet was dancing on his tippy-toes. He picked up the phone and called the food delivery guy, “Bhaiya, char stuffed naan, or Tawa kabob bhej Dena. Aur haan daas gulab bhee add kar do.” “Beta, Mummy has kept four days’ worth of cooked food in the fridge for us. Why did you order?” Mr. Singh asked.

“Papa, we will give it to Sheela Aunt when she comes to clean the house,” Vineet said snorting his nose high up. “I am sick of eating Mummy’s cooked food every day. I want some change.” “Papa, let’s have party yaar. Aap bhej na bas Mummy, Mummy kartey rahatey ho!!” In just half an hour the food was delivered and father and son had a hearty party. For the next five days, they lived like there was no tomorrow. Five days later when Mrs. Sigh came back her jaw dropped. She found all the snacks uneaten, the fridge was still full of food. Sheela Aunty could only take so much.

Vineet gave a big hug to his scowling mother. “look Beta, in just five days you have become like a stick,” Mrs. Singh said. “Didn’t you eat the food I kept for you?” She gave a stern look at Mr. Singh as if it was his fault that Vineet didn’t eat homemade food.

 “I told you, he is a grown-up, and let him live on his conditions. Don’t be so over protecting.” Mr. Singh said with a smirk on his face.

Mother let your grown-up sons fledge. Let them explore the world and the things they truly like. Don’t always shield them under your loving and caring anchal. Let them feel worthy. let them taste the joy of being independent. You can remain his mother.