La Bella Baby Spa – Spa of the Year

La Bella Baby Spa – Spa of the Year

Hola Mommies!

Being a mom and having errands to run, yet striking a fine balance between your responsibilities is indeed phenomenal! And after a long and tiring day, indulging in self-pampering and treating yourself with spa, massages and jacuzzi is truly therapeutic! But how about treating your tiny tot too with spas specially designed for babies under expert guidance in order to support their healthy growth and development.La Bella Baby Spa is on a mission to help parents understand the importance of Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Massage Stimulating the infant’s motor movement through floating and water play in a safe and relaxing environment where parents and babies can de-stress and bond.

Located in Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), La Bella Baby Spa is Dubai’s first premium Baby Health Spa designed for babies aged between 1-18 months, offering unique Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic Massage sessions to improve the baby’s health and growth. La Bella Baby Spa provides a pristine atmosphere of healing and harmony using a combination of tailored baby massage and hydrotherapy/floating sessions to promote a baby’s physical and cognitive stimulation. Their passion for their work, backed with unique service offerings, was recognized by many happy parents (and babies…) and subsequently they were awarded as the ‘Best Baby Spa of the Year’ by WonderMom Magazine, recently. Having embarked on this exclusive and passionate journey, they aim of being a distinguished clinical outpatient support facility in Dubai for the welfare of infants and their parents. Being a DHA licensed support clinic facility, La Bella Baby Spa’s expert team is one of the best that consists of qualified and DHA certified Pediatric Nurses and Physiotherapists who know exactly how to listen to the infant’s needs to provide a unique Baby Spa experience. They offer a wide spectrum of Therapeutic options for babies from which parents can choose.  As a standard protocol, baby’s temperature is checked and weight is measured before the massage and hydrotherapy.

The best part of their service for parents is that after scheduling an appointment, as a parent, you need not stress about carrying any baby baggage as they provide everything for you and your little one – from swimming diapers, baby wipes, baby lotions along with loads of pampering for your baby in a private room.

Hydrotherapies are around for a while but not many are aware about the numerous benefits they offer especially for babies. The baby spa at La Bella Baby Spa begins with a relaxing a hydrotherapy followed by Therapeutic or Baby massage. Research studies around the world state that hydrotherapy increases a baby’s mobility and balance as they float. It helps in calming their senses. Floating and water play also makes their muscles stronger and joints grow optimally. The infant’s skill to control their muscles will improve because when swimming in water, the gravitation effect is low. Thus, making it possible for infant to move more and allow all muscles to work optimally.

Therapeutic massage caters to all babies including those who may have developmental and physical delays, colic, constipation, digestion issues or, premature babies who struggle with weight gain.  At La Bella Baby Spa,they also provide specific pediatric doctor referrals for a number of disorders that require Therapeutic massage treatment sessions.

Above all, Hydrotherapy and Therapeutic massage help and improve the baby’s balance, movement coordination, blood circulation, sleep, stress relief and weight gain. Regular spa days for your baby are an absolute necessity and not a luxury! And La Bella Baby Spa believes in the saying, “like stars are to the sky, so are children to our world. They deserve to shine.”

After the spa, as you head out, on your way, back home, watch your tiny tot fall asleep after a relaxing spa session.   

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