It’s time to look after the New Born Baby!

It’s time to look after the New Born Baby!

It’s time to look after the New Born Baby!

The time you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Your little one is now in your arms. The wait of 9 months has now come to an end. Now what? It’s no longer just about the mother, since the little one is out here there are plenty of things that need to be taken care of. As first-time parents should you be worried? We don’t think so! We shall walk you through an over view of all the essentials that you will have to keep a track of.

Keep the little one comfortable!

The baby has grown inside the womb for a period of 9 months, it’s very important that you provide them with an equally warm feeling outside the womb by swaddling, swooshing and swinging as and when required. Give them the same warmth that they’re used to by cuddling with them, that gives them a sense of protection. It is believed that music calms the nerves, hence you could play tunes to keep the baby relaxed at all times.

Transform yourself to a good nurse!

One thing common in animals and babies is that they don’t know when to stop eating. Nature has blessed them with a mechanism that helps them eat, eat, eat and it goes on, while on the contrary leads to sore nipples for the mothers. It is very important to understand how to feed your baby right. If your breasts get engorged, a heat pad comes in for the rescue. In nursing, changing diapers regularly is one of the most essential steps of all.

Is your little one sleeping right?

The more your baby eats, the more he’s going to sleep. Infants normally sleep for a minimum of 12-16 hours a day. You must be feeling so jealous as you barely got any sleep ever since the apple of your eye arrived. But be a smart mom! Nap when your little one naps, that way you’ll get enough sleep while not having to stay up late. It’s fate that you’re bound to get cranky, tired, annoyed and everything but here’s the part where you share this responsibility with your spouse.

Your spouse needs to learn just as much as you do!

It’s true that a woman Is the one who gives birth. But both husband and wife turn parents at once. Get your husband involved with the baby every time you think you need a break. First time fathers might be scared about making mistakes and might end up staying away, but let them get used to it instead of getting away with nothing. Letting the father spend some quality alone time with the little one, nurtures the bond between the two. Your husband is the only person who can help you stabilize your life post having the baby.

No matter how you are, you are ENOUGH!

You might be really excited about your little one, but that excitement calls for a lot of sacrifices and drains you at the end of the day. It’s a constant reminder that only a healthy mom can help in the growth of a healthy baby. There would be millions of people, internet and many more advising you on parenting, it’s important to understand you are doing the best for your kid. In the initial stages, it is better if you have someone who can help you handle daily chores, just so you can take care of the baby better. Learn to embrace the chaos, it might not always be rainbows and unicorns, but you do have to give in so much for you’re responsible for bringing a new life into the world!