How to Host a Midnight New Year’s Eve party for Children

How to Host a Midnight New Year’s Eve party for Children

Whether you couldn’t get a babysitter for New Year’s Eve or just don’t feel like battling holiday traffic, you can still enjoy a kid-friendly party. The idea is to keep the children engaged as the clock winds down and to begin the celebrations earlier in the day.

From Christmas crafts to holiday baking, we’ve compiled some guaranteed-fun ideas. So, whatever you decide to do with your family on the night of the New Year, you can make it memorable with these tried-and-true New Year’s Eve party ideas.

1. Have a Fun Countdown

There are several entertaining methods to help children count down the days till the new year. Choose the start (and finish) time and count down the hours by ripping open a bag, box, or even a balloon. Mark the time on each bag and provide a fun activity for every hour.

2. Create DIY Noisemakers

Create homemade “midnight” noisemakers using household items. Empty canisters with lids, such as butter containers, coffee cans, and Pringles cans, can be decorated and filled with dry beans or grains to create shakers. Or, string huge jingle bells onto pipe cleaners and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together to create jingle bracelets. Allow the children to assist with a fun sensory exercise.

3. Entertainingly Apply Science

When vinegar is added to baking soda, young children enjoy seeing bubbles form. You may embellish this basic scientific experiment by combining baking soda with glitter or confetti. In a small basin, combine baking soda with glitter or confetti to do this (be sure to use plastic confetti, not paper). When children add vinegar to the soda mixture using droppers, sparkling bubbles will form. If droppers are unavailable, children may pour little quantities of vinegar over baking soda using cups.

4. Make Milk & Cookie Cocktails

Every celebration requires refreshments! By covering the rims of tiny glasses or even wine glasses with rainbow sprinkles, you may serve milk and cookies with elegance. Spread honey or corn syrup in a thin layer on a dish, and then pour sprinkles onto a second plate. Simply dip the glass rims in honey or corn syrup, then roll them in the sprinkles.

Leave the glass upside down in the sprinkles for several minutes to prevent the sprinkles from sliding down the glass. Refrigerate the glasses or serve immediately with cookies.

5. Bake a Clock

If your children like baking, a fun and tasty project might be to construct a countdown clock. This may be accomplished by making cookies or cupcakes and putting them in a circle on a circular tray or pizza sheet. Decorate each with the clock’s digits and use licorice sticks, such as Twizzlers, as the hands to indicate the time.

6. Have Fun with Balloons

Isn’t a party incomplete without balloons? You may explode these confetti-filled balloons at midnight to create a confetti shower. Whether or whether you fill them with helium, children will adore them.

7. Provide Holiday Crackers

Christmas crackers may be a Christmas dinner tradition, but they’re just as entertaining on New Year’s Eve. These colorfully wrapped cylinders are separated, producing an audible cracking sound. Ensure that the gifts inside are kid-friendly before to buying (most boxes of crackers have a description on the back of the box)