How Motherhood can change your body for the rest of your life?

How Motherhood can change your body for the rest of your life?

Has it ever occurred to you what your body is capable of? Did changes in your body only mean losing weight, gaining weight, stretch marks as a consequence and the growth that takes place over a period of time?

Whether it is hormones, changes, love, fatigue, sex, children, career or future, a woman juggles all of this without breaking a sweat. But when it’s the pregnancy phase of life, a woman undergoes tremendous changes, some for the better and some for the worse.

There might be healthy surprises and unexpected risks involved in every pregnancy.

As we all know child birth can be a tedious process, but at the same time it brings about several benefits that cannot be attained any other way. Scientists believe that pregnancy reduces exposure to a couple of hormones that are prone to be a primary reason for breast cancer. They even went on to test the rate of cardiac disorders in women who conceive and the result showed how the rate of risk was significantly lower compared to women who have not given birth.

On the contrary, with the good follows the bad that cannot be kept at bay. Women who have given birth experience fatigue and as a result, it triggers the stress and sometimes even aggravates. Parenting does come with a huge rack of complications but mothers are blessed with chemicals that help them in coping up with stress.

Furthermore, the biggest drawback or an unavoidable factor that occurs post pregnancy is the rapid increase in body weight. Most women dive into obesity due to the child birth process. While some manage to remain fit post pregnancy, most suffer the latter and sometimes develop a figure that can get hard to reshape. The only reason for obesity to persist is the lack of importance women give to their work, food and sleep once they’ve gotten their little one. They often forget that it takes a healthy mother to grow a healthy little one.

Health is the only constant that requires priority at all times. Most times women find the need to look after themselves and eat right only during pregnancy, but at some point, post pregnancy routine could call for changes you never see coming and hence it’s just as important to prioritize your health as a woman.