Homeschooling in Dubai: All you need to know

Homeschooling in Dubai: All you need to know

Parents in Dubai who desire a more individualised and adaptable approach to their children’s education are opting more frequently for homeschooling. Parents who choose to educate their children at home have access to a variety of resources, support groups, and extracurricular activities in Dubai. This post will include all the pertinent information on homeschooling in Dubai.

Dubai’s Legal Requirements for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is permitted and supervised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. (KHDA). To homeschool their children, parents must submit an application to the KHDA. The permission procedure includes an appraisal of the parent’s credentials as well as the curriculum and instructional materials to be utilised. The permit has a yearly duration and must be renewed annually.

Curriculum Options for Dubai Homeschooling

In Dubai, parents who opt to homeschool their children have a variety of curriculum options from which to choose. They have the option of following the curriculum of their own country or an international curriculum, such as the American or British curriculum. There are also a variety of online curriculums that offer a flexible and individualised approach to education.

Dubai Support Groups for Homeschooling

In Dubai, homeschooling may be an isolating experience for both parents and children. In Dubai, however, there are a variety of support groups for homeschooling families. These support groups allow parents and children to interact with other homeschooling families, share information and resources, and participate in group activities and field trips.

Dubai Activities for Homeschooled Children

Dubai offers a variety of activities and resources for homeschooling families. Dubai’s parks, museums, and cultural centres provide several educational possibilities for youngsters. In addition to sports teams, art courses, and music lessons, homeschooling families may engage in additional extracurricular activities.

Difficulties posed by homeschooling in Dubai

In Dubai, homeschooling may bring obstacles for both parents and children. The lack of socialisation opportunities is one of the biggest obstacles. Homeschooled children may lose out on socialisation chances, such as socialising with classmates and engaging in group activities, that come with attending school. However, homeschooling families in Dubai have access to a variety of support groups and activities that can help to mitigate this challenge.

Another obstacle is the dearth of available resources and supplies. Children who are homeschooled may not have access to the same resources and materials as those who attend a formal school. In addition to internet tools and materials, homeschooling families in Dubai have access to libraries, museums, and cultural institutions.


Homeschooling is a legal and realistic alternative for parents in Dubai who seek to give their children with a more personalised and flexible education. With a variety of curriculum choices, support groups, and activities accessible, homeschooling families in Dubai may provide their children with a broad and diversified education. While homeschooling in Dubai may offer certain obstacles, these obstacles are surmountable with the assistance of the homeschooling community and the tools and materials accessible in Dubai.