Gear Up! Dear Parents, Kids and Teens YouSkilled Sports Summer Camp 2022 is here!

Gear Up! Dear Parents, Kids and Teens YouSkilled Sports Summer Camp 2022 is here!

Vacations aren’t just about airing the time you got by laying on your sofa and playing games. Your holidays have much you can experiment with. As parents, we could use this time by letting them out in the fun zone that lets them experiment amid a natural setup.

About YouSkilled: UAE’s Only Mobile Gym!

It is an institution that flaunts the idea of a workout during vacation. It welcomes people from all over to start a happy and healthy chapter in their lives.

It was started back in April 2021 with a vision to inspire people to adopt an active lifestyle by enjoying nature at the same time in Dubai. The foundation was established on“training”as a life skill and not just a workout regime.

YouSkilled Sports emphasize more on equipping mobile gym that wouldn’t be restricted by any place and have access to unlimited space amid the auspicious nature. YouSkilled Kids is the branch of YOUSKILLED SPORTS that aims to bring out kids to learn, experiment and experience vividly nature. They plan to train every kid like an athlete and make their lifestyle healthier.

The WonderMoM Magazineis excited to collaborate with a brand institution that exists with a team of fitness experts, ready to provide fitness workshop events to the community for a better enjoyable understanding of workouts and helping people achieve their fitness milestones.

The heart of the institution lies to instill the lifelong values of teamwork and individual responsibility in daily tasks in a healthy environment.

Reasons to make your kids enter their Summer Camp 2022

The reason that’ll persuade you for admitting your kids in the summer camp is the benefits it’ll have on them.

1. It will improve their General Well-being.

2. The indoor and outdoor activities will enhance their creativity, stimulate their mental wellness, and will improve their problem-solving skills.

3. It will give them a chance to work like a team, a community by improving their teamwork skills.

4. It welcomes all age groups and teaches the way of giving respect and admiration to the values each other.

The Summer Camp has started from 18th July and is till 20th August at Raffles International School. The classes will cover a range of skills, sports and fitness game challenges. Training imparted to improve their overall performance will be through HIIT techniques, Plyometric, Speed & Agility, and Strength & Conditioning. Come, Join and Explore the much-needed skills!