Experience Motherhood with BabySwim

Experience Motherhood with BabySwim

Swimming Wondersstarted from a passion for teaching babies the wonders of water. Gemma, our founder, started teaching in the UAE over 10 years ago and with passion and dedication, Swimming Wonders was born. We started specializing in BabySwim for babies aged 0 to 36 months. With time we have grown into an amazing community that supports our families from pregnancy all the way until your little wonder is 6 years old.

We have grown our babySwim program with our founding families along the way. Allowing their siblings to continue to swim side by side as the family grows. To this, we also added, pre and post-natal classes with different programs to help our new mums and keep supporting them.

With our amazing team of committed and dedicated coachesSwimming Wonders offers you and your family :

AquaBumps -from the first stages of your pregnancy

BabySwim ( 0-36 months) guiding you and your baby to stay safe and love the water

Learn To Swim (3-6 years old) developing the basics of swimming

Terra Wonders postnatal rehab

Terra wonders about circuit training

WonderTalks ( community events )

At Swimming Wonders, we guide parents to teach their babies to learn to love and respect the water. Baby swimming is one of the most rewarding activities parents choose to do with their babies, it is a great way of bonding whilst giving the opportunity to learn lifelong skills.

Baby swimming has lots of benefits for the little ones. The water fully supports the babies, allowing them to move more freely than they do on land. Which in turn, helps with strength development for their muscles. Baby Swimming prevents developing a fear of the water. When babies are introduced to the classes at a young age, their first memories of the water and swimming are those of fun, enjoyment, and water safety.

With our Learn To Swim program, we want to make sure our little ones develop their swimming skills as soon as their muscles, body, and mind are ready to start developing strokes. We help them learn their first stroke independently until they are ready to join a swim squad.

At AquaBumps by Swimming Wonders, our classes are all water-based and focus on embracing the pregnancy and helping our moms practice their breathing in order to help them through the exercises and the delivery.

With our TerraWonders postnatal rehab program, we focus on getting our moms feeling good about themselves and fit to be able to rejoin any exercise activity that they choose to join thereafter. Getting mommies’ core muscles back in top shape is key.

Once our moms have fully recovered, we welcome them to our TerraWonders Circuit where we help them get and stay fit all while having fun.

And as we are here to help build a very supportive community for all our families, we have launched our WonderTalks, where we hold regular events with carefully selected speakers to inform, answer questions and support our village. Once a Swimming Wonder, always a Swimming Wonder.