Dubai’s Top 5 Libraries for Children

Dubai’s Top 5 Libraries for Children

Dubai, known for its mesmerizing skylines and luxurious shopping destinations, holds a treasure trove for little bookworms. The city offers a delightful selection of libraries for children. From interactive learning spaces to classic reading nooks, these libraries are perfect for nurturing young minds. So, let’s dive into the top five libraries for children in this sparkling Emirate!

1. The Old Library:

Established in 1969, The Old Library is Dubai’s hidden gem. With an expansive children’s section, it’s a haven for young readers. They often hold storytime sessions and workshops that not only make reading fun but also help in honing literary skills. The environment is warm, welcoming, and designed to inspire a love for books.

2. Jumeirah Public Library:

Overlooking the serene waters, the Jumeirah Public Library is an architectural delight. Its children’s section is brimming with colourful illustrations and engaging tales from around the world. The library frequently conducts interactive sessions and activities, making it a hotspot among libraries for children.

3. Knowledge Village Library:

Situated in the heart of Dubai’s academic city, this library stands out for its cutting-edge digital resources. Perfect for tech-savvy kids and teenagers, it offers e-books, online courses, and more. The physical collection is impressive too, with a vast range of books catering to young readers.

4. Maraya Art Centre Library:

Not just a library, the Maraya Art Centre is an artistic hub. While it’s a favorite spot for art lovers, their children’s section is quite enchanting. Offering an eclectic mix of storybooks, art-related reads, and craft guides, it’s a unique blend of creativity and literacy.

5. Al Safa Art & Design Library:

A dreamy place for young creators, this library beautifully merges the worlds of art and reading. The space is vibrant, lively, and encourages children to explore their artistic sides while delving into captivating stories.

Navigating the maze of books, discovering new authors, and letting the imagination soar – libraries for children in Dubai offer all this and so much more. And who knows, amidst the tales of dragons and knights, your little one might stumble upon stories of sheikhs and dunes, capturing the spirit of the UAE!