DIY Bird Nest Fun: Family Activity Time!

DIY Bird Nest Fun: Family Activity Time!

Bird-watching can be such a delightful family activity, especially when you see little birds frolicking about in nests built by you and your little ones. Making a DIY bird nest not only promises heaps of fun but also becomes an educational activity that can keep children engaged for hours. So, why not roll up those sleeves and dive into some creative time together?


1. Twigs and sticks (collect them from your garden or a nearby park).

2. Grass clippings, moss, or any soft natural materials.

3. A shallow bowl or a basket as a base.

4. Non-toxic glue or natural string.


1. Collection Time: The first and foremost activity is the collection of twigs and sticks. Turn it into a game! Who can collect the longest twig or the most sticks in a minute? The children will absolutely love the challenge.

2. Lay the Foundation: Using the shallow bowl or basket as a base, start arranging the twigs in a circular pattern. Think of it as the skeleton of your nest.

3. Binding Fun:Now, this activity can get a bit sticky! Use the non-toxic glue to bond the twigs together. For those who want to keep it all-natural, tie the twigs together with the natural string. This is a great time to chat about how real birds do this with their beaks and feet. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

4. Soft Inside: Birds love a cosy home, just like us. Use the grass clippings or moss to line the inside of the nest. It provides a soft cushion for our feathery friends. This activity is wonderful for sensory play, as kids can feel the different textures of the natural materials.

5. Perfecting the Nest: The last part of our activity involves all the finishing touches. Let the children’s imagination fly. Maybe add a leaf as a little birdie’s blanket or a shiny pebble as decor? It’s all about making the nest inviting for our avian neighbors.


1. Always supervise children, especially with the glue and smaller materials.

2. Make sure all materials are safe for birds. Remember, they might decide to call your creation home!

3. This activity is also a brilliant way to discuss nature, conservation, and bird habits with children. Learning made fun!

So, mums and dads, next time you’re scratching your head, thinking of a weekend activity that’s both fun and educational, remember the DIY bird nest project. It’s not just about building; it’s about creating memories, understanding nature, and cherishing those giggles and smiles.