Divine Healing Art - By Priyanka Das

Divine Healing Art - By Priyanka Das

 “Like an ocean, art too is limitless. Often a single image can speak many languages and has the power to portray so much; a feeling, an emotion or perhaps an entire story, something words cannot often express.”

About the Artist

Priyanka Das is a coveted award-winning Artist and has been trained in fine arts and ceramics, she believes that art dares us to dream and can fuel confidence in self-expression. She stays immersed in the art world and values the exploration of new materials, ideas and forms of expression. Her work in the visual arts includes diverse media as painting, sculpture, and mixed media.  She has exhibited across the UAE in various art shows and has even won the coveted “Dubai Ceramic Award 2021” from the American University of Dubai for her prized sculpture “Rebirth”.

Priyanka quotes, “That since she was a little girl all she remembers are her pencils and colors in her little hands, and what started as a passionate hobby is now her profession with even more desire than ever and the favorite moments of her day.” As an extraordinary art instructor and art therapist, nurturing an avid and explorative mind, her hands always dance to the constant compelling rhythm of creativity that her mind produces. Her paintings are her way to express her emotions and feelings. 

Artist Statement

“Art is my passion and each piece of my art carries a part of my soul and heart and also a moment of my life!”

About the Venture

At Divine Healing Art, Priyanka nurtures new hands to the blissful, therapeutic and ecstatic experience of indulging in art. Priyanka has many art students and introducing her students to the joys of artistic creation inspires not only her teaching, but also motivates her own work as an artist. She says that, “My life is my art, my art is my life, and I live it every day and it goes beyond my expectations.” Her teaching style is informal and supportive, ensuring that her students exploring a new medium will create art they love on their first try.  At Divine Healing Art, Priyanka offers a wide range of artistic techniques to help the artist in you bloom in flying colors:

  • Pencil Sketching 
  • Water Color
  • Oil Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Fabric Painting 
  • Prisma Coloring 
  • Fluid Art
  • Sculpture 
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Mixed Media
  • String Art
  • Polymer Clay
  • Candle Making
  • Decoupage 
  • Resin Art
  • 3D Art 
  • Resin Jewelry
  • Mandala Art
  • Figurative Art
  • Compositional & Structural Art
  • Paper Art
  • Abstract Painting
  • Jesmonite 
  • Mirror Decor
  • Alcohol Ink
  • Paint Parties
  • & Many More Workshops

Being an artist isn’t just about putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas, art can and does mean so much more than that to so many people. Art may be a way to explore your world or your imagination. Art may inspire a beginner painter to take steps into learning a new medium, or an accomplished artist to experiment with a new technique. Art is teaching, art is learning. Art can be exciting, empowering, and an expression of love too.

Creativity Is Infinite!

The Divine Healing Art could be your opportunity to the discover the artist in you and your kids, art has no age and boundaries, it just needs passion.

To explore and buy her art pieces, check out her beautiful artworks atwww.divinehealingart.com

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