Deep Breathing: Start the Day Right for UAE Kids!

Deep Breathing: Start the Day Right for UAE Kids!

Hello, supermoms and awesome guardians!

Every day, we witness the UAE’s bustling energy – with its breathtaking skylines, rapid developments, and of course, the vibrant laughter and boundless energy of UAE kids. While we all strive to give our children the best start every morning, there’s a secret ingredient we often overlook – deep breathing exercises! Yes, it might sound too simple to be true, but let’s dive into this magical morning ritual.

Why Deep Breathing?

First off, deep breathing isn’t just for adults trying to find a moment of calm amid chaos. UAE kids, with their packed schedules, school stress, and endless extracurriculars, can greatly benefit from this practice. Deep breathing helps boost oxygen levels, which in turn can increase alertness and decrease anxiety. Imagine your child stepping into school, not with Monday blues, but with vibrant energy and positivity. That’s the power of a good breath!

Deep Breathing Exercises for UAE Kids:

1. Balloon Breathing:

Ask your child to imagine they’re a balloon. As they inhale deeply through their nose, their hands (which start at their waist) move upwards and out, as if the balloon is filling with air. When exhaling, the hands move downwards and in, mimicking a deflating balloon. It’s a fun visual way for them to understand deep breaths!

2. Bee Breathing (Bhramari Pranayama):

A favorite among many UAE kids, this involves taking a deep breath in and as they breathe out, they make a buzzing bee noise. It’s not only enjoyable but also immediately calms their minds.

3. Smell the Flowers, Blow the Candle:

A beautifully imaginative exercise. Ask your child to pretend they’re smelling a fragrant flower as they inhale, and as they exhale, they’re blowing out birthday candles. Perfect visualization for kids and gets them to understand slow and deep breaths.

Making it a Fun Routine:

To ensure these exercises are more than just a one-time thing, make it a delightful ritual. Perhaps you can introduce a ‘Breath Buddy’ – a cute little toy or teddy that participates in morning breathing exercises with your child. Or create a ‘Breathing Chart’ where UAE kids can stick a star for every morning they practice. Before you know it, they’ll be reminding you about the routine!

Final Thoughts:

We, as parents and guardians, have the fabulous job of equipping our UAE kids with tools not just for school, but for life. And what better tool than the power of breath? As you watch them embrace this practice, you’ll find them not only starting their day right but also handling challenges with greater resilience and joy.

Remember, amidst the morning hustle and bustle, all it takes is a few moments of deep breathing to set the tone for a fantastic day. Now, isn’t it time you and your little one took a deep breath and greeted the day with a big smile?