Date Night Style: UAE Dad Edition

Date Night Style: UAE Dad Edition

Ah, date night! That magical evening when you finally get a break from parenting duties, swap those baby wipes for cologne, and try to recapture that pre-children romance. But for many dads, deciding what to wear can be a tad overwhelming. Enter our guide to dressing up for date night – the “UAE dad edition”.

1. Traditional with a Twist  

Nothing speaks to the heart of the UAE like a crisply ironed kandura or dishdasha. But who says you can’t spruce it up for date night? Consider experimenting with subtle cufflinks or a modern ghutra pattern. It maintains the essence of tradition while giving it a ‘dad edition’ date-night twist!

2. Smart-Casual Confusion, Solved!  

For those occasions when you’re told it’s ‘smart-casual’ (whatever that means!), fret not! This is where tailored chinos paired with a crisp white shirt come into play. Throw on a navy-blue blazer, and voilà! You’re radiating effortless ‘dad edition’ elegance. And remember, it’s always about the fit – tailored is the way to go!

3. Desert Dapper  

Planning an evening amidst the golden sands? Embrace the ‘desert chic’ look. Linen trousers combined with a lightweight shirt make for a perfectly breezy outfit. Pair it with some classy sandals, and you’re ready for a romantic desert escapade – ‘dad edition’ style.

4. Accessorize the Dad Way  

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Think classic wristwatches, sleek sunglasses, or even a cheeky pocket square. For the tech-savvy UAE dads, smartwatches are a great way to blend style with function. And let’s be honest, nothing says ‘dad edition’ like checking your kid’s bedtime from your wrist during dessert!

5. Cool and Comfy Footwear  

Ditch those worn-out trainers and opt for something a bit more polished. A pair of loafers or monk straps can elevate your look instantly. However, if you’re a sneaker-loving dad, fear not! Opt for clean, minimalistic sneakers that can transition seamlessly from playground duty to date night – the true mark of ‘dad edition’ versatility!

Now, mums and kids, here’s where you come in. Encourage dad to take a risk and try something new for date night. Whether it’s a splash of a new cologne or stepping out in a vibrant pair of socks, sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. And remember, while it’s fun to dress up and look dapper, the essence of date night lies in the company and cherished moments shared.