Books to Read for New Mothers

Books to Read for New Mothers

As you enter Motherhood for the first time, there are lots of things you might not know or be aware of. Of course there is a lot of wisdom that gets passed down from generation to generation among the women of your family and nowadays you can find anything you want in a matter of seconds online. Yet, as times change a lot of this traditional knowledge might be unsuitable and it’s not easy to understand if what you read online can be applied to your situation. Since, it’s not possible to ring up your doctor every time, the second most reliable source are books! Here’s a list of books you can read before your baby comes into this world.

Baby and Child Care –By Dr. Benjamin Spock

People have relied on the expert advice of the renowned Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock for more than 65 years now. Now, in this newly updated and expanded version by Dr. Robert Needleman, another well-known Pediatrician, this amazing book continues to remain an essential guidebook for new mothers all around the globe.

What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood By Dr. Alexandra Sacks & Dr. Catherine Birndorf

There are several physical changes one goes through as they embark on this beautiful journey of pregnancy but what most people don’t tell you about are the mental and emotional changes that you also experience. Both Dr. Alexander Sacks and Dr. Catherine, two of the best Reproductive Psychiatrists, have written this book to help new mothers find and understand these changes within themselves.

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

This is another extremely reliable book for first-time mothers to guide you through your first, second and third trimesters. It provides easy-to-understand tips and guidelines without all the extra text and also includes a 40-week pregnancy calendar along with a Symptoms Guide.

The Whole 9 Months: A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start By Jennifer Lang, M.D

A healthy Diet cannot be emphasized upon enough. It’s is important to treat your body like a temple and follow a good diet with the exception of the occasional pregnancy craving. Dr. Jennifer Lang has curated the perfect guide to help you identify the right foods to consume.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding By La Leche League International

You might think, this is a relatively simple task. Perhaps, you might even be considering it the easiest thing to do when your child comes around. Yet, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. There are several issues that come even with Breastfeeding. The way you pump our your breast milk to busy work schedules all require a little know-how. That’s where this guide to Breastfeeding comes in to help you navigate through these problems.