Becoming a new mother. (Post Pregnancy Care)

Becoming a new mother. (Post Pregnancy Care)

Entry into motherhood.

After a 9-month long pregnancy, comes the joyous period of life where you finally have your new born in your arms. As happy as you are, it’s a fact that you’re equally worn out post the delivery. It is essential for you to take equal good care of yourself as you would for your little one.

In order to help you enable a smooth transition we have jotted down some tips that you can inculcate in your everyday life as a new mother.

Take an off from work.

Generally, mothers don’t return to work at least for 8 weeks post pregnancy as they have to feed and clean their little one every now and then. Don’t stress, this is the best time for you to bond with your little one.

Get some rest.

Sleep every time your baby sleeps, eat healthy and for a while forget dieting. This is your time to regain your health and stamina.

Eat Healthy.

Only a healthy mother can bring up a healthy child. It is essential to make sure all the right nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals reach your body in the right proportion.

Have regular check-ups.

Now that your body has under gone biological as well as physical changes tremendously, it is important to see a doctor periodically and ensure you’re doing everything right for both yourself and your little one.

Exercise for a bit.

Exercising doesn’t mean getting back in shape. Don’t be hard on your body, let it take its own time and space. But an evening walk doesn’t hurt or some stretching during the day.

Accept baby blues.

Now that happiness has arrived, it is important to understand that most women, on an average 8/10 undergo borderline mood swings or a hint of depression post pregnancy. It is completely normal. You will make it through this phase too. Don’t stress over it and make it worse for yourself.

Mood Swings are a part of life.

A woman on a normal day under goes thousands of different emotions. Speaking of a new mother, this isn’t a surprise. Not getting enough sleep, restlessness, baby crying all night, sore breasts, boredom, insomnia etc, are a part of early motherhood. Instead of crying over it, try to embrace it, for you’ll remember these times when your toddler grows up.


Motherhood calls for changes you never saw coming. It’s not just about having a baby, but also what comes after. There are changes that are bound to take place inside the family and inside your body. It is important to address everything that gets to your head. Either talk to a doctor in case of medical help or a psychologist to handle severe emotional as well as mental changes. Get the outlook when you need, don’t underestimate it.