8 Things a first-time mother WANTS to know!

8 Things a first-time mother WANTS to know!

How much weight would I gain?

The amount of weight that women gain during pregnancy varies from person to person. However, average women gain 25-35 pounds, underweight women gain 28-40 pounds and overweight women gain about 15-25 pounds. Eating a balanced diet will make sure the right nutrients reach the baby.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

It’s totally normal to have sex during pregnancy unless your doctor asks you not to. It will not affect the baby in anyway as your partners penis cannot penetrate beyond a certain point. It will not result in any complication, but if you feel uncomfortable, it’s better to avoid it.

When does the pregnancy craving begin?

There is no fixed timing as when they begin, but it generally first occurs within the first 5 weeks and eventually reduces by the time you reach your third trimester. Cravings are usually associated with unhealthy food items but it’s necessary to make sure you maintain a balanced diet and don’t end up binge eating junk food. You want your baby healthy, let the right nutrients reach your little one.

Is it a good idea to slim down during pregnancy?

A big fat NO! This is the time when you need to eat your heart out! That doesn’t mean junk food but rather maintain a healthy balanced diet. Your baby and you need all the nutrients to stay hearty and healthy through labor and even after, that doesn’t even mean a meal for two but this phase won’t return when you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the weight gain, so make the most of it!

Should I avoid flying?

Travelling is a recreational activity and doesn’t have to be avoided unless the doctor restricts you due to the medical condition of the unborn child. It is safe to fly within the last 6 weeks of your due date and its preferred you stay close to home as you near your due date. Pregnancy being the most sensitive phase in a woman’s life can call for comfort at odd hours, to make sure your needs and wants are catered it’s best to stay close to home.

Can I continue my fitness regime while carrying?

Doctors recommend all to be mothers to stick to a low intensity workout routine as a high intensity workout can bring about complications both biologically and physically. Having a healthy and fit pregnancy helps the mother during her labor which would otherwise be a tough task to execute. Hence, less is more when it comes to our mommies and their little ones.

Is it advisable to plan pregnancy in late 40’s?

Experts believe that fertility is one of the major things that declines with age in women. A woman has a certain number of eggs and it becomes essential to keep a track record of your internal condition. Pregnancy in late 40’s can call for many adverse complications such as a miscarriage, infertility, birth defects etc. It is recommended to plan your pregnancy before the age of 35 statistically to avoid medical issues that follow.

Is there any method to avoid stretch marks?

Is there any woman who doesn’t wants to get rid of her stretch marks? And during pregnancy the more conscious you get the more you tend to notice the changes in your body especially the stretch marks. There is no possible way to skip them, but however one can visit a dermatologist or a gynecologist and get consulted with ointments that may reduce the effect but not erase them completely. Mommies, you could wear them like a badge of honor, after all aren’t you proud of your little one!