7 Ways to Relax during this Pandemic

7 Ways to Relax during this Pandemic

This Pandemic has been a stressful time for all of us, especially mothers. It is not easy managing kids, jobs, housework and your own personal time. A lot of people out there might tell you that, being a mother is not a job and taking care of your family should not be a chore – this is completely wrong. No matter, how much you love your family, it can get tedious sometimes and it is completely alright to wish for some time to unwind and relax with no strings attached. Here are some of the ways in which you can relax during this Pandemic.

Become a Plant Mom

Wait…The first item on this list sounds wrong right off the bat! Research shows that keeping plants actually creates an extremely relaxing environment and there are several plants like Aloe Vera, Money Plant and Snake Plant amongst various other varieties, which require minimal care but spruce up your surroundings in a jiffy and have several other benefits.

Make a Playlist

This is a very well-known method of relaxation and for a good reason too. Music helps you deal with anxiety and stress, improving your mood drastically. You always listen to the music your kids listen to, so it’s time to get them hooked to your favorite tunes and have impromptu sing-along karaoke sessions.

Pick up a Hobby or Revisit an old one

There are lots of mothers who give up on their hobbies because of the time constraint. Well, the pandemic is the perfect time to get a new one or start your old ones again. Find what makes you happy and do it. Pick up that guitar or that paint brush and make some art. Hobbies will ensure that you do not lose your own self in the hustle and bustle of your family life.

Stretch those Weary Muscles

It’s important to focus on your physical health apart from mental relaxation, especially at a time when you must ensure your body is in the best health. Stretch your body, do a little light workout and stretches or try doing some yoga whenever you can. If you have a baby, use their nap times to stretch out a little and if you have slightly older children, engage them in some easy chores or tasks.

Pamper Yourself

So what, if you cannot go out to a Salon? There are several ways to pamper yourself at home. Ask your partner or family member to look after the kids for a while. Then, put on a homemade face pack or a store-bought face mask with a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes, dip your feet in a warm foot bath or a cold one with a refreshing drink and some soothing music in the background.

Family Activities

Sometimes, the best way to relax is to break the monotony and do something different and fun with everyone. Choose a day in the week with your family, where you do a different activity each week – solve some jigsaw puzzles or have a family movie night with loads of popcorn!

Order In

A good part of every mother’s day goes into preparing meals for her family. It is absolutely necessary that she share the burden of her chores with her partner as equals, but sometimes the both of you also need a break from this. Therefore, do not feel guilty to order in once or twice a week or have an easy-to-cook meal and enjoy the free time to have some precious alone time or spend it with your partner and family.