6 Things Nobody Tells You About Newborns

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Newborns

Nobody tells us what roller coaster it’s going to be. Everyone takes it for granted that we easily become experts in parenting. I’ve seen a smug look on parents’ faces. that says, “Oh good, now you’re in the same boat too,” in anticipation of misery you’ll meet it just as they did. A newborn looks a lot like a doll. However, this baby can turn into a screaming monster in a matter of seconds.

Here are the six things nobody tells you about newborns.

The first victim is a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. If you are someone who likes to sleep, then say goodbye to those lazy mornings. You’ll get up 34 times a night to eat and change And yes Mommy, you’ll be the only one who

Forget any private room. Her sleeping place is at the very edge of the bell. The bed and headboard are full of baby essentials such as diapers, baby clothes, creams, and lotions. You won’t believe how many things a baby needs…

Traveling is no longer an easy matter. You can no longer just walk out the door with your keys and phone. You even have to plan a trip to the store, and you’re carrying a bag full of baby paraphernalia.

Personal Time
You can also forget to snuggle up with your favorite book. size Full-day trips to the lounge. Spontaneous meetings with friends, movie nights. No one tells you this, but the moment you need to go to the bathroom, the baby starts screaming for you to feed them, or when you sit down to eat your favorite food, the baby needs to change their diaper. You can say goodbye to your appetite. This has happened to me countless times. And I won’t either, but I burst into tears once because I wanted to enjoy my meal in peace. How to dress
Once you become a mother, your choice of clothes will change. From I’ll kill myself in this look, this one is more comfortable. Loose clothing preferably in dark colors is your choice. Getting dressed will be a luxury. You must take into account that your clothes will not prick and scratch your newborn’s soft and silky skin. I had given up wearing white clothes. I started to prefer synthetic clothes that didn’t look wrinkled. And yes, those college jeans won’t fit you anymore. And say goodbye to the dizziness caused by high heels while you’re at it

Fear starts early, will I be a good mother? What if the baby gets sick and I’m alone? what are you gonna do If teething starts, will the baby grow properly? Why isn’t it running yet? Am I doing something wrong? I would like to tell a personal story here. After the birth and a 4-day hospital stay, we went home. According to the nurse’s instructions, she should take the baby for the first vaccination on the seventh day. Let me tell you, I just forgot. My mother reminded me and said. It’s not easy being a mother At that moment I realized that from now on I always have to think of someone else first. A little person who depends on me for his entire existence, I have to remind him of every appointment, vaccine, name of the drug, diet, and even his bowel movements:
Nobody prepares you for this moment I felt humiliated at the same time and frightened by the tremendous responsibility and a renewed sense of respect for my mother who raised three children.