5 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

5 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency

Fluency is basically speaking what you are reading. Fluent readers make their sentences sound like they are speaking it rather than sounding choppy or fumbling. Being fluent with your reading not only helps in better understanding but also helps in adding the relevant expression as you speak. It is essential to inculcate this habit in your kids right from the start, as the process takes time.
Here are a few fun ways to help your kid increase his fluency in a fun and frolic manner:

Read Along

The easiest and practical thing to do is read along with them. Start with books which have bigger words and short sentences. Let your child get a hold of lower level books first. Now advance as they age and gradually move to upper level books. Don’t rush your child by making him speak faster. Let him take his own sweet time to get accustomed to it.

Make Them Listen To Audiobooks

Another trick to improve your kid’s fluency is by making him listen to audiobooks. There are recorded versions of several books available online which can be used as a resource. This will not only help your kid speak fluently but will also help him in the pronunciation process.

Try Echo Reading

As the name suggests, echo reading is basically repetition reading. If you have a white board or a computer, you can display the text over there. Read the text displayed on the big screen. Now ask your child to repeat it by reading it from the screen. This will be a fun and interactive thing to do, which your kid will enjoy as well.

Practice Scooping Phrases

What happens when we read sentences? We usually scoop some words together as we read them. The same thing needs to be done with the kids as well. Mark the words in the passage and group them along in groups of 3-4 words each. Mark the words according to their relevance and the way they make sense in the passage. This will not only improve their fluency as they read but will also help them construct their sentences in a better manner.

Inculcate Habit Of Reading From The Start

The key to better readers is make them read from the very beginning. Kids who are being accustomed to read right from their initial years not only carry the habit forward but also turn out to have better vocabulary and fluency. Start from picture books, to one line books, to small paragraph books, to complex sentences to novels as your kid grows.