5 Things that take to be a Working Mom!

5 Things that take to be a Working Mom!


When it comes to becoming a mom, the first thing you have to let go of is the fact that you’ll ever have spare time, especially not when you’re also a working woman. Wake up early morning, make some breakfast for the family, rush to office, commit to a tedious 9-5 job while carrying extra work home. When you reach home, you sigh a relief seeing your little angel. But again, you find yourself working late night so you have enough time to manage both. Now that you’re done with the weekday chore, it’s the WEEKEND! Something that you’ve been waiting for but again now you owe your child your full attention and care for 24 hours both days. So where is the time for yourself? That’s the holiday you need the most and can’t really do anything about most of the time.

Your Nanny becomes your best friend!

When life throws lemons, you might as well make a lemonade out of it. As much as you hate it, your nanny calls the shots for your little one. Since you stay away all week at work and business trips and meeting the clients in the weekend, the only person you can trust your kid with is your nanny. It must be difficult to be skipping such quality time with your child but at the end of the day it’s for their bright future, so we shall give that to the moms.

Feeling intimidated by stay at home moms!

Yes, it’s the worst feeling on planet to be thought of as a less considerate mom when in reality that’s not the truth. No doubt, stay at home moms get to spend a lot of quality time with their child and manage to capture all their little moments through all phases while you’re busy scheduling meetings and trying to juggle personal and professional life during breaks and weekends, but nonetheless that speaks volumes of how you choose to put in your effort to secure their future financially. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always have everything. You’re still the best mom to your baby, for working those extra hours to make sure their extra luxuries in future are covered!

You will miss major cute moments!

This certainly is a hard pill to swallow. While you’re out late working, your little one is probably trying to take his/her first step. It gets harder when you end up making only to the PTA meetings organized and miss out on the extracurricular activities. There will be milestones in your child’s life that will be the scape goat in order to achieve the end goal. It sure isn’t the best feeling, but that doesn’t make you a bad mother either.

Society playing the villain in your life.

With situations so tough, society can make it worse for a working mother by constantly making her feel like she is not good enough. Just because she works late to secure the future of the family and gain financial stability, that says nothing about the kind of mom she is. The society might guilt trip working moms into believing they don’t have their priorities right and how they’re selfish for compromising on the quality time that they can spend with their children. This is the same society that doesn’t speak about how hard a woman tried to make ends meet just so she can ensure her child has a stress free and secure future.