Summer is here and it won’t be long before summer break begins! They need summer vacation activities to keep kids interested. What activities do you have planned for the summer season? A holiday trip with the family, a visit to your mother or parents-in-law, or the registration of your children for a summer camp. Whatever you do, it’s not enough for the whole summer vacation. I’ve compiled a list of fun summer ideas for kids. These summer vacation ideas are super fun, something parents and kids can enjoy together. So here is the list of summer vacation activities for kids. First, let’s take a look at some fun summer activities to do at home on a hot summer day when you don’t want to go out. Here’s a look at some outdoor activities for kids:
1. Build Birdhouses Gather used toilet paper rolls, and spread honey or peanut butter on them. Roll up birdseed or millet. Hang it on a branch or in front of the window. Let your children watch the birds come to feed. Or just get a ready-made bird feeder. But I think this craft activity is fun and easy too!

2. Make modeling clay It’s easy and little kids love to play with modeling clay.

3. Making Slime Older children love slime. So how about making your slime at home?

4. Make a Popsicle A fun summer activity that kids love and honestly, what kid would say no to a popsicle on a hot summer day. Take fresh juices to make popsicles. You can make ice cream with your kids. And maybe some jam if you dare

5. Pitch a Tent Use an old sari or blanket and pitch a tent in the living room. Pitch it like a real tent and spend the night.

 6. Set up a lemonade stand My 7-year-old son had set up a lemonade stand with his friend and not only did they make AED – 5 total but they also had plenty of time. Give it a try, summer lemonade is gone in no time!

7. Scavenger Hunt Go on a scavenger hunt in your home or garden. Kids will love deciphering clues and digging up treasures.

8. Making a Beaded Curtain Inspire your toddler with a fun beading activity only when you are sure they won’t choke on their heads.

9. T-shirt painting Let the children paint their t-shirts or paint them with tie-dye patterns. And they must use it too!

10. Wash your car or bike Kids love to play with water, and if that means washing your car too, who’s complaining, right?

11. Face painting Get watercolors and let the kids have fun.

 12. Learning to cook Older children can learn to cook and thus become useful in the kitchen. Ever since I turned 12, my mom has given me and my siblings the job of making dinner during the summer vacations.

13. Go to the Farmer’s Market Every town has its own Farmer’s Market where farmers from the surrounding towns get their fresh produce. Or better yet, let them visit a real farm. It would be fun for kids to meet and interact with real farmers. Once they know how much effort goes into the production of food, they’ll think again before the next time they grimace at their home-cooked meal.

14. Visit a nearby lake, river, or beach Every city or town has a body of water. Take your kids early in the morning before sunrise and have fun biking, skateboarding, playing, building sandcastles, collecting rocks, etc.)

15. Take a walk Choose a walking route that is easy for you to hike with children. Children will enjoy seeing birds and other animals that they don’t normally see in their daily lives.

16. Visit the Post Office I did this activity with my daughter and she loved it. A child will understand how the mail mechanism works. Ask them to write and send a postcard to their best friend or grandmother.

17. Visit a bakery. Many bakeries are happy to show children around. So how about the kids visiting a local bakery and seeing for themselves how the bread is made? You can get a goodie bag tool Breakfast is neat

18. Visiting a zoo or aquarium Children never tire of visiting a zoo or aquarium,

19. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site Once again, many places have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Find one closer to your city and take your kids there. Tell them how important the place is. It could be a stepwell, a cave, or an old kasbah.

20. Sleeping on the patio If you’re a 70-year-old boy, you know what it means to sleep on the patio in summer. Throw in some extra beds, mattresses,s, and sheets and you and your kids are ready for the night. Kids will love seeing the stars and constellations.

21. Visit a temple/synagogue/church visit a religious place other than yours. If you are Hindu, visit a church or synagogue. Let your children know how people of other religions worship.

22. Visiting Potter Children love to get their hands dirty and what better way to do that than on the potter’s wheel.

23. Visit a Laundromat In India every city or town has a dhobi ghat or laundromat where all the laundresses wash their clothes. Take your kids and let them see the men at work.

24. V isit a museum When was the last time you or your child visited a museum? A 5-year-old would love the museum as much as you do

25. Do a clean-up Have kids spread Don’s garbage message by cleaning up the streets, parks, or beaches

26. Plant trees Summer is the season for delicious mangoes and jamuns. How about planting your seeds in the backyard or by the side of the road? Let everyone enjoy the fruits of their labor!

27. See the sunrise most kids miss out on the lovely sunrise during school days. How about waking up early and seeing the sunrise in all its glory!.

28. Visiting a relative Every week he visits a relative and gets to know the family better.

29. Visit a flea market visit the flea market nearby. Choose something cheap but useful and learn to haggle. If your town doesn’t have a flea market, visit a flower market.

30. Visit a cowshed Take your child to a cowshed and let them see how cows or buffalo are milked.

31. Go to a park. Take your child to a nearby park and practice yoga or join the laughter club. It should be fun for children to laugh for seemingly no reason.
With so many activities during the summer holidays, your children will certainly not complain that they are bored. Have you written a summer wish list for kids? I would also like to know about your summer vacation checklist.

Have fun with these summer activities for kids.