10 practical/ideal gifts for a baby shower

10 practical/ideal gifts for a baby shower

Baby showers are very special for to be moms! We have put together a list of unconventional gifts that you absolutely can not go wrong with!

Grab your girlfriends and sweep your eyes over these awesome baby shower gift ideas. Happy shopping!

  1. Organic Muslin Wraps

Unless you are already a Mum, you have no idea how many Muslin Wraps your new baby is going to need!  They are practical as they can be used as a wrap, a swaddle, a burb cloth, a cuddle blanket, a light sheet or a scarf.

  1. A Baby Bottle Warmer – For the Car

This is such a great idea – because when a new Mum is out and about, finding somewhere with a microwave to heat a bottle isn’t always convenient.    The Cherub Baby Car Bottle and Food Warmer is a compact and easy way to heat your baby’s food when you are on the go.

  1. Unisex Baby Sleep Suit

We all know that new Mum’s don’t get a whole lot of sleep! This Comfort Suit Wrap from Pure Baby will keep the baby cosy and warm during the Winter months.  The organic cotton is super soft on baby’s skin, and why gender-neutral colours? So Mum can use the outfit for her next baby or so that they can be recycled to another Mum.  Mum’s can never have enough soft onesie suits!

  1. Gift Voucher for TV

Grab your new Mum a year’s subscription for Netflix, any other entertainment channel/app.  Gift Mum the gift of entertainment during the long hours of the night!

  1. A Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

These are must-have baby essentials – and are also good for kids and grown-ups who have colds, coughs or flu’s. Trust us, your friend is going to thank you later!

  1. A Baby Rocker

Every Mum needs a rocker, it’s a nice way to reduce the burden off the moms shoulder from rocking the baby continuously.

  1. Baby Printed Milestone Cards

Capture all the special moments of baby’s first few months with these printed Baby Milestone cards.  This kit includes 26 different cards and is gender neutral so the perfect gift when you don’t know the sex of the baby yet!

  1. Baby Closet Clothes Dividers

An inexpensive gift that will save a new Mum load of heartache when sorting new baby clothing!

  1. A Floral Labour Gown

Sometimes it is nice to buy something nice for Mum, instead of baby.  This is sort of a combination of both.  It has a pull-down neckline to make nursing easy, or for that direct skin to skin contact after birth. Perfect garment to wear in the maternity ward on your way to being a Mumma.

10, A Nappy Cake

Nappy Cakes are just BRILLIANT as they look incredible (and make for the most beautiful Baby Shower Gift), but they are also so practical as every piece of that Nappy Cake can be used by the New Mumma Bear. So beautiful and practical!