Geethu Prasobh: Empowering Women to Achieve their Fitness Goals Through G-Fit

Geethu Prasobh is a Fitness Coach, an Influencer & a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She found G-Fit, an Online Fitness Program for Women, through which she helps women especially with PCOD, Thyroid, diabetes, Obesity etc reach their fitness goals. “Two of the major issues faced by women of this period in terms of fitness are Knowledge and Time. People are more obsessed with the number on the weighing scale. Also they are not able to find time to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their life. There are many “shortcuts” out there in the market which promises weight loss and they does fulfill that promise. But ones these women are out of such “shortcuts”, they gain them all back, even more and yo-to-ing like this lead to many long term health issues as well”.

With the increasing rate of obesity and number of people with lifestyle disorders like PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol etc especially among women, Geethu is proud to have helped more than 1200 women across 24+ countries around the world already.

During her teen and college days, the hectic study schedules to prepare for Engineering Exams pushed her into a sedentary lifestyle which made her an obese person. Her obesity was to a level that she couldn’t sit on the floor properly. The very first weight loss she did was before her marriage when she was working as an IT professional. That was the most unhealthiest and she still suffers the consequences. The biggest reason she decided to start Coaching is so that she can guide women to not make the same mistakes she did.

She also takes caution from the health issues of her mother who suffer from arthritis as an everyday reminder to stay in a healthy lifestyle. “We all suffer from hereditary health issues. I am trying to delay my genes catching up to me.”

Being an Influencer with over 2.19L followers on YouTube and 30K followers on Instagram, Geethu Prasobh is influencing and guiding many women and girls with their health & fitness.

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