Communities Unite for Love Through Loss Virtual Event

In its second year, in honour of Baby Loss Awareness week, a two day virtual event will take place to bring awareness and offer support on 13th and 14th October.

Baby Loss Awareness Week begins on the 9th October 2022 and marks a week of awareness, education and support to the many people affected by and those supporting families through baby and pregnancy loss.The Love Through Loss event will take place online on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October, followed by an in-person Afternoon of Remembrance on Saturday 15th October for the Global Wave of Light, 5:00 – 7:30pm at Nature Escapes, Al Barari. The event sees incredible local communities come together alongside pregnancy and baby loss survivors, as well as those who have struggled or been unable to become parents, to provide support, much needed conversation and raised awareness, whilst also providing a deeper emotional education for professionals.

Now in its second year, Love Through Loss is produced by a collective of communities and advocates dedicated to breaking down barriers in the region and opening conversations that may be difficult to have in the mainstream. The collective includes Small and Mighty Babies, IVF Support UAE, Lala Langtry White Support, TFMR Mamas, Twins Plus Arabia, Still a Mum, The Prepared Pineapple and health and wellness agency TishTash Communications.

The virtual event will be held over two days, and ANYONE effected by baby and pregnancy loss or infertility is invited to come together to share, discuss and receive support and guidance in a completely safe space. Each session will be hosted by a specialist within a specific area of baby and pregnancy loss as well as a person with lived experience. Sessions will speak on topics including loss experienced at any stage from conception to infancy, loss of family building through infertility and other circumstances, memory making, caring for your grief, sibling and family support, pregnancy after loss and many more. There will also be interactive sessions such as mindfulness through grief, womb wellbeing as well as guidance sessions for those currently having to navigate family building, pregnancy and baby loss.

We welcome all professionals supporting families through family building, pregnancy and baby loss to join the event and understand more of the lived experience. How families are supported through these experiences is shown to have an enormous and lasting impact on the ongoing emotional and mental wellbeing of families living through loss.

Due to the nature of the event itself, complete anonymity is possible, enabling a secure and private space allowing participants to take part in sessions with complete confidence and safety. “Love Through Loss” is free to attend and open to everyone and participants can dip in and out of the daily sessions as they wish and can register via  

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