Adolescence – A Vital Stage

Adolescence is the transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. It is a time of acquiring qualities and skills that are critical to the adult role. Teenagers are the generation of the future. Therefore, they must make sound moral choices.

They must be designed to defend their principles. Collaboration, responsibility, honesty, and decency are nurtured in them as they learn the two great values ​​of respect and compassion for others. Respect is the glue that holds relationships together. Accepting people as they are, even if they are different from us, means we respect them.

Smiling, greeting, understanding others, listening, and not speaking out loud are all aspects of respect. As soon as we respect others, they will also respect us. Adolescents must also acquire the courage to respect themselves, i.e. to be careful with their bodies. Sleeping and eating healthy means respecting our bodies. Maintaining a positive attitude and behaving with honor and dignity promotes self-respect. When we have a healthy mind and body, we can help so many needy people around us. Compassion alleviates suffering. As the Dalai Lama said, “We can live without religion. We cannot live without human compassion.” Once the value of compassion is acquired, the quality of kindness and generosity will flow. The desire to help others to make the world a better place should be awakened in young people.

During early adolescence, there is rapid spiritual development. This results in the need to establish new values. The adolescent is mentally alert at this stage. They develop intellectual power and also stimulate critical thinking. Therefore, the growth of moral consciousness and attitude to service to humanity can be enhanced by cultivating the values ​​of respect and compassion. These future leaders will change the world in amazing ways, not just for themselves but for everyone

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