About Us

The WonderMom is an initiative made keeping in mind what every woman undergoes as a mother and even before that. It’s not openly spoken about, but there’s definitely a plethora of things to talk about motherhood and we chose to do the honors for our WonderMoms who deserve nothing less than the best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach the heart and calm the mind of every woman who enters motherhood or who faces the challenges as a mother in her everyday life. We answer, we listen, we speak and we’re what you want us to be. Whether it’s expert advice or a list of instructions, we’re at your service.

Our Vision

We constantly work towards being the first thing every mother wants to read. Whether it’s advice or a healthy diet chart or a celebrity inspiration, we’re here at your service to inspire you encourage you and help you fearless push all your limitations that come in the way of you becoming a WonderMoM.