10 Best Maternity Fashion Tips from Influencers, Bloggers and Celebrities from around the globe.

First of all, Congrats! Now that you’ve reached the maternity phase of life, are you planning your wardrobe already? Haven’t you always envisioned yourself wearing body framing one pieces or slim tights with a sports bra as you practice your yoga routine?

But we are guessing with the new baby bump has come new realizations that all that glitters are certainly not gold. You might have a swollen foot or a bumpy belly or wide waistline. However, you can still flaunt all you want, because if women are known to be fearless, then as mothers they’re queens.

We have collected the top 10 picks that can help you look like the mothers you see in magazines and on Instagram, effortlessly.

1. Shop in limits and at leisure.

You’re not going to be wearing your maternity dresses once the baby arrives. As a pregnant woman, your body changes every month. Shop what you need if not more and most importantly don’t shop until you literally can’t fit in your regular clothes. You could opt for fashion hauls that come up every quarter. Shopping is definitely therapeutic to women, and what better thing to do while you’re really bored at home?

2. Buy clothes that would help you until the end of maternity.

It is very important that you buy clothes in which you feel comfortable. If they can’t grow with you, what’s the point of buying them in the first place? To start with stock up on your maternity dresses, nightwear, lingerie, and home footwear, there’s no better feeling than staying at home comfortable. The material of the clothing matters to a great extent wherein an elastic wear is meant to help you flex and move much more than a cotton or synthetic outfit.

3. Use the pull-over hack to hide your baby bump.

The Hollywood celebrities have given us just the right way to steal the show as well as hide the latter. If you’re not ready to reveal your pregnancy yet, opt for outfits that require you to wear a blazer or a cardigan or an overcoat on top. Do not button or tie or belt them, letting them stay loose gives the look an edge while it would keep the world guessing if anything’s bumping out yet!

4. Visit maternity stores for a more suitable collection.

No matter how hard you try, your baby bump is now a part of your body for at least the next 9 months. Instead of going crazy about how nothing fits you anymore, just change where you shop from. Visiting maternity stores will give you a leisure shopping experience. You could get everything that’s just made for you keeping in mind your comfort and sense of fashion. Here you wouldn’t find the need to alter or feel traumatized about outgrowing too soon.

5. Keep your maternity wear for a little longer after your baby arrives.

As much as you missed wearing body framing suits or denims or gowns, you’re going to need your maternity wear just as much. 6 months into intense maternity routine you have now adapted to a more comfortable fashion trend. Tight fitting clothes might be a lot to deal with in the start. Soon after your baby arrives, until the time you regain your strength you are going to be needing these loose fitted granny clothes to take better care of your child and that would help in breast feeding as well.

Now that we’ve given you a little heads up on how you can plan your wardrobe, stay tuned while we give you more fashionable insights on the same.

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